Art Education and its Impact on Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills: A Review literature

Creativity, Critical thinking, Art Education, Cognitive skills, Curriculum


  • Dickson Lukaka
    Department of Arts and Humanities, University of Nairobi, Kenya.
September 4, 2023


This study aims to review the literature on art education and its impact on creativity and critical thinking skills. The study examines various sources to understand how art education contributes to the development of these skills and how it can be integrated into traditional educational practices. The study majorly used secondary sources to gather information. The findings suggest that art education enhances creativity and critical thinking by encouraging expressive and cognitive skills. Furthermore, the study highlights the importance of integrating art education into the curriculum to foster creativity and critical thinking skills in students. Overall, this research emphasizes the value of art education in promoting these crucial skills for students' academic and personal growth. In conclusion, this review of literature provides evidence for the positive impact of art education on the development of creativity and critical thinking skills. It underscores the importance of incorporating art education in educational curricula to foster these essential skills in individuals. The findings of this study have implications for policy-makers, educators, and researchers in understanding the potential of art education in promoting creativity and critical thinking in individuals of all ages.